Narragansett restaurant prepares for upcoming storm

NARRAGANSETT, R.I. (WPRI) — As the most recent round of rain and wind approaches, some of the damage from the October storm is still fresh on the minds of some in Narragansett.

“Last storm was very windy, high tide took away some of the furniture on the patio, washed it down here onto the rocks,” said Robert Leonard, Co-Owner of the Coast Guard House in Narragansett.

Damaged siding and a damaged fireplace from the October Storm are still sitting on the restaurant’s patio. Leonard says lessons learned from the last time are now coming into play this time around. All the patio has been removed or pushed into piles as far away from the water as possible.

“As you can see these patios are pretty much clear of all the furniture and we got things out of what we hope is harm’s way and we’ll see what happens this evening,” said Leonard.

The potential for severe weather didn’t seem to slow down business, in fact it did the opposite.

“When there’s some wave action and wind action people come out to see it so they can see it here from the windows,” said Leonard.

During the October Storm the restaurant lost power for about 24 hours. Power outages are not expected to be as widespread with this round of weather.