Police: Man distracted clerk while woman tried to rob store

Christine Bastille, 40, and Herbert Sampson, 41, are accused of trying to rob a liquor store on Eagle Street in Fall River.

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) — Police said a woman and a man tried distraction, then threats in an unsuccessful attempt to rob a liquor store last weekend.

Fall River police said they arrested Christine Bastille, 40, and Herbert Sampson, 41, Saturday night, shortly after an attempted robbery at Joe’s Liquor Store on Eagle Street.

According to police, the two suspects walked into the liquor store around 9:18 p.m. Saturday looking to purchase “blunt wraps,” but came up 50 cents short. Police said the man then went to the stocking clerk in the back of the store and asked for spare change. At the same time, police said the woman, wearing a pink scarf wrapped around her face, went behind the front counter and demanded all of the money in the register. When the register clerk refused and told the woman to get out of the store, police said the woman started pushing the employee and screaming.

According to police, the stocking clerk claimed the man was distracting her on purpose while the attempted robbery was going on, but she rushed to the front of the store when she heard the commotion. Following a struggle, police said both clerks managed to get the man and woman to leave the store. The register clerk started following them, but police said the woman shouted back “don’t follow me, I have a gun.”

Police said officers detained Bastille and Sampson about a half-hour later, and the store clerks identified both of them as the suspects.