Panel recommends reopening New England shrimp fishery

Submitted by Camren Perry of Pascoag

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — An advisory group is recommending regulators reopen New England’s long-shuttered shrimp fishery next year.

An arm of the regulatory Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission will decide on Wednesday in Portland if there will be a fishery this coming season.

The advisory board’s recommendation clashes with an opinion from the commission’s technical committee, which wants to keep the fishery closed.

New England shrimp fishing is based in Maine and has been shut down since 2013.

The Atlantic States commission is tasked with determining if the shrimp population has recovered enough to withstand commercial fishing pressure.

The shrimp fishery has traditionally taken place in winter months. The shrimp were a popular winter seafood item in New England and beyond. Regulators say they are suffering from poor reproduction and warming ocean temperatures.