Secret Santa pays for Warwick couple’s Christmas presents

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — With the holiday seasons approaching, almost everyone is getting in the Christmas spirit.

Management at Toys R Us said that several “secret Santas” are coming forward to help people pay for holiday gifts.

Joshua Turbitt and his wife, Kyla, picked out Christmas presents back in September for their two children, 5-year-old Zachary and 8-month-old Taelyn.

“We came here you know on a little bit of a budget, trying to be careful what we spend,” Joshua said.

The couple planned on coming back the first weekend of December to pay off their remaining layaway presents, after paying only one of the three payments.

But before heading out to complete the transaction, management called and told them someone completed their last two payments for them.

“They told us that someone had paid our layaway off and we were like, you know, very shocked,” Joshua said. “My wife started balling her eyes out, literally, she got the phone call, she had to catch her breath for like 30 seconds and then she finally told us.”

Joshua said the timing of the gesture couldn’t be better for the family.

“We’re going through hard times right now, you know, we’ve got family in the hospital, my, my work deducted some of my pay, I couldn’t make a local police department this year so this actually made our year for 2018 look pretty good,” Joshua said.

According to Joshua, the secret Santa paid for more than $100 worth of toys. He says he hopes one day to be able to give back in a similar way for a stranger.

“I wish we knew who it was so we can thank them, that’s honestly all I really care about, like someone going out of their way to do this for us, just honestly we’re blessed,” Joshua said.