Scientists: Glitter may be bad for the environment


(WPRI) — Moms everywhere cringe when their kids want to use glitter. Now, instead of saying no because of the mess it makes, they can use the environment as a reason.

As a microbead ban is scheduled to go into effect in the United Kingdom next year, the Britsh newspaper Independent reported that scientists are urging lawmakers to ban the type of glitter that is used in crafts and cosmetics because it poses an environmental hazard, especially in oceans.

Scientists told the paper microplastics – like glitter –  can pollute the marine environment, leach chemicals into the water and pose a danger to sea life that may ingest them.

The United Kingdom has already passed a ban on microbeads in cosmetics and soaps and, according to the paper, the ban will include glitter that’s in “rinse-off” cosmetics and personal care products.

However, Dr. Trisia Farrelly, an environmental anthropologist at Massey University in New Zealand, told The Independent “all glitter should be banned.”

Some companies have already replaced glitter with biodegradable alternatives.