Pawtucket City Council asks mayor to table transfer station proposal

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WPRI) — The Pawtucket City Council voted unanimously, 9-0, to ask Mayor Don Grebien to hold off on taking action on a proposed transfer station on Wednesday.

Dozens signed up to testify against the proposal since many Pawtucket residents and city council members say they’re worried about the impact the facility would bring to the city.

“Right by the car store and Chelsea… There’s already enough congestion, now they want to introduce 300 more trucks a day?” Pawtucket City Council member Timothy Rudd questioned at the meeting. “I’ve been on the council for five years and I’ve never witnessed anything like this.”

Protestors were also outside Pawtucket City Hall picketing before the meeting.

Grebien did not attend the meeting on Wednesday, but the last time he spoke with Eyewitness News he said a traffic study was underway to determine where the best location is for the transfer station.

Before voting, the council heard public comment from dozens of residents, who said there’s no more room for trash in Pawtucket.

“It shames me and disappoints me to see this going on,” one resident said during the public testimony.”

The proposal comes as a result of city leaders looking for alternatives to the city’s current waste facility on Grotto Avenue.

“I would like to see clean energy, I would love to see free energy, or energy from the sun,” Pawtucket City Council member Meghan Kallman said.

The mayor has previously told Eyewitness News that the proposed location is less populated and would be fully enclosed to address any odors or pests in the area.

Now that the vote is over, residents want more questions answered about what’s next.

“Please give us our quality of life back,” one resident said during public testimony.