Fall River holds ceremony commemorating 76th anniversary of Pearl Harbor attack

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) — Battleship Cove held a remembrance ceremony to commemorate the 76th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which took the lives of over two thousand Americans.

The ceremony took place Thursday on the U.S.S. Massachusetts, a boat similar to those destroyed during the attack.

“The design and build of these ships are so solid and so strong,” Master Chief Craig Cole of the U.S. Navy said. “That’s kind of what shocked Americans during the events of the Pearl Harbor attack.”

The Massachusetts native was the keynote speaker during the ceremony and has spent some time stationed at Pearl Harbor.

“It’s an extra special event for me personally, being a 21 year veteran of the Navy, and coming here and providing my words to the veterans that have served before me,” Cole said.

Bragga bridge in Fall River was named after Charles Bragga, who was killed at Pearl Harbor at 22 years old. His body was never found.

Wreaths were put down into the water to remember those who lost their lives.

Battleship Cove is full of history about Pearl Harbor, World War II and the Navy. During the winter, it is open only on weekends.