Ashes, hospital bracelet found in Walmart parking lot

Holly Jasmin holding a chain with a hospital bracelet and a locket on it, which appears to contain ashes. She and her fiance found it in a Walmart parking lot.

DARTMOUTH, Mass. (WPRI) — A local couple searching for the owner of a piece of jewelry that appeared to be holding ashes and a hospital bracelet from 1985 have located the owner of the keepsake.

Holly Jasmin and George Beck from New Bedford said they found the necklace in the Walmart parking lot in Dartmouth early Friday morning. On the chain, a heart-shaped pendant appears to be holding ashes. A hospital bracelet attached to the necklace describes “Baby girl #150,” born on 10/9/1985.


Because of the hospital bracelet, Jasmin believed the ashes could have belonged to a baby so she quickly posted an advertisement in the Facebook marketplace looking for the owner of the necklace.

A few hours later, she said she found the owner of the necklace. It turned out the ashes were from the owner’s late fiance and the hospital bracelet was her own from when she was born.