Murder suspect accused of holding man hostage while running from police

Nathan Spardello, a suspect in a fatal stabbing in Providence, was arrested following an hours-long standoff at a Federal Hill apartment building.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A man who was arrested following a deadly stabbing and subsequent hostage situation has been charged with murder, according to Providence police.

Nathan Spardello was taken into custody early Tuesday morning after police say he held a man hostage at a Tobey Street high rise during a standoff with police.

The standoff came after police said Spardello stabbed Luis Carrillo, 35, on Russo Street Monday night. Carrillo later died of his injuries.

Col. Hugh Clements said while Spardello went to the home to target a specific person, that may not have been Carrillo.

”He had a targeted person in mind,” Clements said. “However, it may have been that someone else answered the door.”

At the Russo Street home Tuesday, candles burned on the stoop for Carrillo. “He was an easy-going person,” said neighbor John DiGiovanni. “It’s just a sad, tragic accident. It’s like wrong place, wrong time.”

DiGiovanni said he was home in his first floor apartment Monday night when the alleged murder happened upstairs.

“I heard screaming, yelling. Then my friend upstairs went in there and there was all blood on the floor,” DiGiovanni said.

Police hunted for Spardello in the city overnight, eventually tracking him to a Tobey Street high rise where his father lives. Clements says Spardello entered a random apartment and took the tenant as a hostage.

Police and the SWAT team engaged in a standoff with Spardello for several hours, speaking to him through the door of the apartment.

”He was not giving in,” Clements said. “We had 3 separate negotiators trying to coax him out of the room. Eventually we just breached the door and made entry. He was tasered.”

Col. Clements commended the SWAT team and Providence police officers for quickly capturing the suspect before he hurt anyone else.

”He was on a mission,” Clements said. “He knows police are looking for him, he knows in his mind what he’s just done. So he’s capable of just about anything.”

Police said the tenant was not hurt during the ordeal. Spardello was removed from the building on a stretcher and taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries suffered after fleeing the Russo Street crime scene.

He was released into police custody Tuesday morning and is awaiting an arraignment.

Police said earlier on Monday on Hazael Street, Spardello allegedly attacked his wife, mother-in-law and sister-in-law. The domestic incident motivated Spardello to go to Russo Street and commit the stabbing, Col. Clements said.

Spardello is charged with murder for the Russo Street stabbing and with two counts of domestic simple assault and one count of domestic felony assault for the Hazael Street incident, according to Major Michael Correia.

Police said they’re still working to determine the charges against Spardello in the Tobey Street standoff and hostage situation.