Pawtucket Soup Kitchen hosts brunch for the homeless

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WPRI) — The Pawtucket Soup Kitchen was open for a Christmas brunch on Monday to help feed some of the homeless people living in the area.

This year, instead of having people wait in a line for food, the volunteers brought the food to the people at their tables.

The soup kitchen was open to anyone who is in need or who is alone for the holidays in an effort to help raise spirits around this time of year.

“It’s important because a lot of these folks are disenfranchised, they are lonely, they don’t have anyone that really cares about them,” volunteer Adrienne Marchetti said. “They’re alienated from their families for whatever reason, some of them are all alone. So this gives them a place to have community, to be with other people so they’re not alone.”

Mayor Donald Grebien and the City of Pawtucket set up a shuttle service to the event from the Pawtucket Visitor’s Center so those who wanted to attend could travel safely to the brunch.

The soup kitchen will return to a regular weekday schedule following Christmas to continue helping those in need.