AAA: Have your car battery tested before cold weather hits

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — AAA Southern New England is still experiencing a high volume of calls due to the frigid temperatures, according to AAA spokesperson David Raposa.

Raposa said Thursday night the estimated wait time was four hours. Friday, the call time has been cut in half to an estimated two hours.

According to Raposa, there are 145 currently out on the roads helping those with car trouble.

“People have had a little bit of time to adjust. So from our point of view, we are still probably doing three times our normal volume,” Raposa said.

Due to the dangerously cold weather, road crews are prepared to continue meeting New Englanders who have car troubles.

“We will end up doing thousands of calls, just in Rhode Island and Massachusetts here,” Raposa said.

Raposa said the most common car problem people experience in the cold is when a car won’t start.

“About 48 percent of the calls that we’ve been doing are battery related,” Raposa said.

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Raposa said you can lower your risk of being stranded by testing your car battery at an auto shop before the winter weather hits.

“You don’t want to wait until the very last minute, only to find out today, that you needed a battery when maybe you could have gotten it done in October,” Raposa said.

Over the holiday weekend, Raposa recommends driving around instead of just starting your car a few times, so hopefully, you won’t need to call AAA for roadside assistance.

“You don’t want to have your car sit there for three or four days and then on Tuesday morning go out and try to start it,” Raposa said.

AAA said after the 3-year mark it is recommended to test your battery to check it’s condition. After 5 years, it is important to replace your battery.