New Year’s Day baby a ‘huge surprise’ for local couple

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A North Providence couple is starting off the new year as new parents but they weren’t expecting to have one of Rhode Island’s first babies of 2018.

Parents Claudia and Heli said their newborn son Caleb was born a month ahead of schedule at Women and Infant’s Hospital in Providence.

Weighing in at just five and a half pounds, Caleb will spend some time in the natal intensive care unit (NICU) before he’s taken home, according to the couple.

Caleb is Claudia’s first baby and despite the shock of going into labor early, the new mom said she is doing well.

She also said the thought of having a New Year’s Day baby didn’t even cross her mind until she was at the hospital Sunday night.

Jan. 1 is already a special day for the couple, and they said the new reason to celebrate is the perfect addition to their love story.

“It was a huge surprise, I didn’t expect it at all. I was at work when my water broke,” Claudia said. “It’s very special to me because it was when my boyfriend asked me out actually, literally the same day.”

Claudia said Caleb is named after a Jedi knight from one of his father’s favorite comics, Star Wars. Caleb was the third baby born on New Year’s Day in Rhode Island.