New Bedford placing more police cameras around city

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WPRI) — In an effort to crackdown on crime, New Bedford is expanding the use of police cameras in certain neighborhoods of the city.

Neighborhoods around Monte Park, lower County Street, Ashley Park, and the Temple Landing neighborhood would all see expanded use of police cameras.

New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell, the chief of police and members of the City Council announced the public safety initiative during an event Tuesday morning.

The mayor’s office said camera locations were chosen based on information gathered as part of a new police management program called CompStat, which is able to help police log crime activity in the area and map it to see where extra patrols are needed.

Mayor Mitchell said in part “…Cameras are an extremely valuable, cost-effective tool when targeting crime in a defined geographic area.  It’s not a practical or affordable strategy to put a cop on every corner, but cameras are a commonsense approach that effectively puts more law enforcement eyes on the street at exactly the places that need the most attention.”

The cost of the new cameras is estimated at $194,000.

Police Chief Joseph Cordeiro added, “It’s also important to recognize that cameras are a tested, proven deterrent.  Criminals know that their risk of being caught goes way up when police cameras are watching–and I can assure you, we will be watching.”

Cameras costing approximately $42,000 in locations have already been installed in the near North End this year.