Meet the Cranston man who drove his convertible in the snow

CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) – One Cranston man proved it doesn’t need to be 75 degrees and sunny for a convertible ride. With snow piling up and and bone-chilling winds gusting Thursday, John Pratt decided to take his Mercedes Benz convertible for a spin, with the top down.

“It’s a sled,” said an ice-encrusted Pratt, standing in his driveway, shin-deep in snow. “It’s a red sled with a flat tire.”

On Thursday video of Pratt cruising around Cranston went viral on social media. By Thursday afternoon, Eyewitness News was there as a tow truck lowered the car back into Pratt’s driveway.

Pratt said the flat tire isn’t the car’s only problem: the top is broken, making his snowy drive Thursday less of a choice and more of an obligation. Pratt was on his way Thursday morning to get the car repaired, when he got stuck in the snow. It turned into an hours-long ordeal that left the car, and Pratt, covered in snow.

“It’s nice,” he said of driving in the storm, though he admitted he was rather cold.

Pratt said the car’s top has been broken for about a month, a problem he pins on his 16-year-old son. Neighbors said Pratt regularly takes the car out for drives, even in the frigid temperatures.

“He’s been driving around like that all the time,” said Justin Neary, who lives across the street from Pratt. “I think a lot of people from Rhode Island would do it, especially if they had that. I would.”

“It’s a nice car with the roof on,” Pratt said, pointing down the driveway to a snow covered tarp. “The roof’s over there, see it?”

Pratt said he plans to get the car repaired soon, but in the meantime, he’s glad his makeshift snowmobile is putting smiles on people’s faces.