Roofer stresses importance of clearing snow from vents, exhausts

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — With shoveling and deicing being top priorities following a winter storm, taking care of your roof can often get overlooked.

“We’ve had roofs that have had four, five feet of snow on them believe it or not,” Weisman Roofing vice president Robert Soave said Friday.

While Soave has been busy clearing off businesses’ roofs, he says residential roofs were spared the worst of Thursday’s storm due to the strong winds.

“This storm was a light snow, so it didn’t really stick,” Soave said. “On the residential roof and the pitched roof, it mainly blew off.”

Residential homes have also been spared from ice dams because of how cold it’s been lately, according to Soave.

“The cold is actually helping us. You’re not getting the ice dams because it’s not thawing,” he said.

Soave said problems can arise from snow and ice blocking downspouts and vents, such as major condensation and icicles.

“People call you and say, ‘Oh, it’s raining in my attic.’ It’s actually condensation. That much melting,” he added.

In addition to clearing snow from vents and downspouts, Soave suggests making sure to clear snow from exhausts for heating appliances like furnaces, gas stoves and dryers to avoid carbon monoxide from building up.