Patriots CEO helps fan after her wheelchair went missing during Saturday’s game

TIVERTON, R.I. (WPRI) — One local woman got the call of her dreams after her wheelchair went missing during Satruday night’s Patriots game.

It all started after her friend posted about the Saturday night ordeal on Facebook.

Cindy Morais is a lifelong Patriots fan. On Monday afternoon she got a completely surprising phone call saying Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft wanted to speak with her about the missing wheelchair.

“I was like what? Wait a minute. Bob Kraft’s on the telephone,” she said.

After what was a frustrating weekend Kraft was getting her week off to an incredible start.

“When I heard his voice I was like, it’s Bob Kraft! And I said ‘Oh Mr. Kraft, nice to meet you,'” she said.

Morais has Cerebral Palsy and sometimes uses a wheelchair. She’s also a Patriots season ticket holder for seats in section 304. Every game she’s been to for the past six years follows the same routine. She takes the elevator up then walks the rest of the way up to her steps.

“We make the trek,” she said.

Her wheelchair is left in the same spot every week during the game. But on Saturday when she went with her friends to get the chair back after the game, the wheelchair was nowhere to be seen.

“My Godfather said there’s no chair, and I said what, you’ve got to be kidding me,” said Morais.

Stadium staff helped look for it but it was still nowhere to be found. They also helped her get to the car.

Fast forward to Monday afternoon when she got the phone call of a lifetime. It was Kraft calling, apologizing for what happened and saying he would be getting her a new wheelchair all decked out in Patriots gear. It’ll go well with all of the memorabilia she has around her house and that is not all.

“The best thing is I’m going to be on the field on Sunday which I thought would never happen to me,” said Morais.

Morais is an absolute ray of positive energy. She told Eyewitness News that at first she thought it could have been someone playing a cruel joke. But now she is thinking maybe there is someone who needed it more than her.

According to Morais, her wheelchair was found on Monday at Gillette by staff. Now that it has been found, she was told her original chair is now sitting in the same office at Gillette next to her new chair.