Pawtucket mom offers magic to help children

PAWTUCKET, R.i. (WPRI) — Arianna’s Magic Boots aren’t boots at all, but they are magic.

Karen Gasperini knows a lot about needing a little magic when it comes to living with a disability.

She’s battled Beals Syndrome that caused what are known as clubbed feet all of her life.

Although her three brothers were there to help her, kids sometimes made a day at school hard.

“They would say things and make me cry,” Gasperini recalled. “And my brother would make them apologize.”

Then, her daughter Arianna was born with the same condition, and at five-years old began to push back when it came to sometimes grueling physical therapy sessions.


“And I told her your braces could be your magic boots and they could take you on different adventures,” Gasperini said.

That helped Karen create Arianna’s Magic Boots, about a young girl who feels trapped by her leg braces.

The author acknowledges her daughter is her inspiration for the ten-year project that was published last fall.

“That’s why she’s the main character.”

A main character who doesn’t want anyone to be left out from the magic of being a kid.

Gasperini’s mom knows all about that.

“At first you feel hurt and you don’t understand, but then if you go through life always worrying about what other people think, you’re not going to be happy,” she said. “If they didn’t let me in their little club or their group because I walked differently, I made my own group.”

She’s already working on her second book that she hopes will also help children with disabilities

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