Dog saved after falling through ice in Greenwich Cove

Dog rescued after falling through ice

EAST GREENWICH, R.I. (WPRI) — First responders in East Greenwich were tested on their winter life saving skills Friday afternoon to save a dog who had fallen through thin ice.

Eyewitness News was given photos of the rescue at Scalloptown Park in Greenwich Cove.

Bethany Verret snapped the pictures as firemen went out on to the ice to save her one year old dog, Archie.

“He doesn’t typically go in the water.  I think he didn’t realize it was the water.  I think he heard a bird or something and took off after it,” said Verret.

Fire officials said Verret did the right thing by not going after her dog, and instead calling 911.

Verret and her family were shaken by the experience, but thankful for the swift actions of the firefighters.

“I just thought, what bravery, you know, he went in there like it was nothing.  We are incredibly grateful, incredibly grateful,” she said.

And while this dangerous scenario ended happily, fire officials are reminding everyone to stay off the ice.