AFC Championship shirt production begins in Pawtucket

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WPRI) — The New England Patriots win over the Jaguars meant another busy night for employees at Mirror Image in Pawtucket.

The screen printing company went straight to work Sunday night printing the AFC Championship t-shirts that will hit stores on Monday.

Shop staff said they were ready to go during the fourth quarter, and they will continue to print shirts all night long.

“We have to make sure both machines are ready so when they win, we get to start right away. Make sure everything looks good, ” said production manager Ray Delgado.

“It’s hard work, we can make it happen,” Delgado added.

The first shipment is expected to go out shortly after midnight.

Through the years, employees at Mirror Image have become accustomed to the short turnaround.  As the Patriots collect trophies, it’s also a win for the local company.

“More money for us, we get to work overnight, and we get to print for the Patriots,” said Delgado.

The workers hope to have the same opportunity in two weeks after the big game.