The Big Game: Vote for your favorite commercials

(WPRI) — One of the best parts of The Big Game is all the big budget commercials. This year, you can get in on the action and help decide which spots are hits and which are misses.

We’ve partnered with the digital research company Dialsmith to give you the chance to rate the ads and share your second-by-second reactions.

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“Our work is really about capturing what people think and feel in that moment when they’re feeling,” said David Paull, founder and CEO of Dialsmith.”Puppies. Home run, every single time. Kids. Homerun every single time. You put puppies and kids together, forget about it.”

Voting is easy. Watch the ads then move the slider from zero (if you hate it) to 100 (if you love it).

You can vote on your computer, phone or tablet. Dialsmith will be able to monitor your ratings in real time.

“Anything that scores over a 70, 75 is really, really strong,” Paull said.

As each ad is released, we’ll post it on for you to watch and rate. You can find the page under The Big Game category.

After the game, we’ll be able to see which ads were your favorites and which ones were not.

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The Big Game 2018

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