Local bars and restaurants benefit from Big Game excitement

Fans watch the big game at Lucky's in East Providence

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The Patriots have played in a lot of big games over the years, which means big money for local bars and restaurants where fans flock to watch the game.

At Lucky’s in East Providence, like clockwork, fans had filled up the bar by kick off Sunday.

“Football definitely makes a complete difference if it’s busy or slow on Sundays,” said bartender Alyssa DaSilva.

Alyssa DaSilva has been a bartender at Lucky’s for four years so this is not her first Big Game.

“It’s always so much fun.  Everybody calls all week trying to reserve seats, but it’s nice because the whole entire bar is rooting for the same team,” said DaSilva.

Restaurants across the area are capitalizing on the Championship.

At Patriot Place in Foxboro, managers at several establishments said they also got calls for reservations all week long too.

Many fans wanted to watch the Big Game next to the Patriots home turf.

The longer the Patriots are in the playoffs, the more places like Lucky’s are packed and more food and drink is served.

“As a whole we know for a fact that we will usually be pretty busy for the game so it’s always fun,” said DaSilva.

Moving past football season DaSilva said the difference of crowd size in the bar will be like night and day.