Local business prints Eagles championship t-shirts

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WPRI) — A local printing company is seeing green Monday, after the Patriots lost the Big Game.

Mirror Image in Pawtucket is still happy to provide business, printing Philadelphia Eagles championship t-shirts.

Employees were working though the night, printing thousands of merchandise shirts for Fanatics.

The staff was on standby, ready to print with either outcome of the game.

Mirror Image Manager Aimee Derouen says “we are not allowed to even open the boxes before the game ends so as soon as the game ends its rush rush rush the boxes get opened, the shirts get laid out and the presses start running.”

The company has printed t-shirts for the five Patriots championships, and they, like many New Englanders, were keeping their fingers crossed for a different outcome.

Derouen tells Eyewitness News that Fanatics picks up the shirts and handles the distribution.