What your Valentine’s Day bouquet means

Did you know your Valentine’s bouquet has meaning other than love? Jennifer Guerin from Blooming Artisan explains the meaning behind colored flowers.


Red: Strength Power Passion. Traditional symbol of love. Perfect for that one true love.
Pink: Admiration – Gentleness – Grace – Femininity. Pink is often associated with Motherhood.
Orange: Creativity Confidence Excitement. It can also communicate desire. This is the one to give to your secret crush.
Yellow: Enthusiasm Intelligence Respect. Ideal color to symbolize friendship.
Green: Balance Comfort Growth. It’s the color of life. This is well suited for anyone in your life.
Blue: Calmness Loyalty Peace.
Purple: Inspiration Imagination Sensitivity. Pantone color of the year. Pantone uses words to describe it like Mystery – Intrigue – Energy.
White: Spirituality Purity Truth. White can also represent new beginnings. Perfect for a new relationship.