Narragansett Town Beach season passes no longer available to non-residents

NARRAGANSETT, R.I. (WPRI) — Paying a visit to Narragansett Town Beach will cost a little more this summer, especially for those from out of town.

The entrance fee will be increased from $8 to $10 per day for all beach-goers, according to Steve Wright, Narragansett’s director of Parks and Recreation.

Residents can still buy season passes for $25 but in an effort to cut down on crowds, the $50 season passes previously offered to non-residents will no longer be available.

“We saw a lot of issues with parking last year and overcrowding on the beach and we think this will minimize that,” Wright said.

“It’s a balance here in town,” he added. “We love our tourists and non-residents visiting us. All we’re saying is that they would have to pay on a daily basis.”

There is, however, another option for out-of-towners to consider if they visit the beach often. The town of Narragansett offers a “Commercial/Non-Resident Transferable Beach Pass” that rental homes and bed and breakfasts can purchase for their guests but considering the $200 price tag, the daily rate may be a better choice.

Visit the town’s website for more information.