Raynham school bus driver fired after crash, criminal charges

RAYNHAM, Mass. (WPRI) — The school bus driver who allegedly failed to stop or call police after crashing into two trees with kids on board Monday has had previous driving infractions, Eyewitness News has learned.

Francelle Fleurine, 34, has not had an infraction in more than six years, according to a driving record obtained from the Registry of Motor Vehicles, but was found responsible in 2009 for “failure to stop” for Brockton police, and had her license suspended in 2010.

Fleurine’s most recent infraction before Monday was in 2011, when she was found more than 50% responsible for a crash in Brockton.

Police cited Fleurine Monday for leaving the scene of an accident, a criminal charge, after they said she hit two trees and then drove off with children on board.

Raynham police said Fleurine told them she was trying to turn the bus around in the area of 80 Locust Street when she struck one tree, then backed into a second tree, smashing the bus’s back window. Video from inside the bus shows children screaming as the glass shatters.

Police said Fleurine then continued on with her route, dropping off all the kids. Police met her back at the middle school and issued her a citation.

Bridgewater-Raynham Superintendent Derek Swenson says Fleurine has been terminated as a driver for the school district. He says up to 30 middle school students were on the bus at the time, including his own son. No students were hurt.

Fleurine was working for Lucini Bus Lines, which contracts with Bridgewater-Raynham Public Schools. The comapny’s owner, Bill Lucini, said Fleurine had just completed a safety course in November on collision avoidance.

”They’re all trained on accident avoidance,” Lucini told Eyewitness News. “Evidently, it didn’t stick for her.”

He said his drivers are all aware that in case of an accident, they need to stop driving and call the police.

“They absolutely, 100% know what to do,” he said. He added that parents should feel comfortable that their children are being transported by safe, trained drivers.

He also said driving record background checks typically go back five years. Fleurine’s infractions dated back further than that.

Eyewitness News contacted Fleurine at her home for her side of the story, but she did not want to speak with a reporter. Her husband, Esperando Fleurine, told Eyewitness News that she does feel bad she didn’t call police.

A court date for Fleurine’s arraignment has not yet been set.