Let’s take a road trip with the kids!

This morning in going places time to pack up the kids!

We’re taking a road trip and our friend mom blogger Audrey McClelland.

She was back with us to share tips for keeping the little ones entertained while traveling.


1) Tech Gadgets

As much as lots of parents limit tech time at home, it is a great option to have in the car as you’re on long trips. You could limit the time depending upon your comfort level, but tech gadgets – iPhone, iPads, etc are good options for kids.

2) Audio Books

On long trips, this is something you could easily do in the car with everyone. Find an audio book that you think everyone would enjoy – maybe try something that’s trending – A Wrinkle in Time and let it play.

3) Coloring Books and Crayons and Activity Books

Audrey always packs a tote of coloring books and activity books to keep her daughter occupied. It’s all about having a “bag of tricks” on hand.

4) Surprise bags for the kids.

Grab some bags and pop fun items inside and let the kids open one every hour.

One bag could have candy

One bag could have a deck of cards

One bag could have a DVD

Make it fun and exciting

5) Pack an atlas!


But it’s a fun way to have kids highlight the route and let them follow along.

Play car games along the way – license plate game, rainbow game, etc.


BONUS – Pack Pillows!!