Hardware store’s jump start on spring withdrawn due to incoming storm

CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) — Like many of Rhode Islanders, Durfee Hardware had hoped winter was in the past. The store recently traded their shovels and ice melt for potting soil and grills.

But with another nor’easter on its way, store employees have had to make a quick shift of the store to accommodate the needs of customers for the upcoming weather conditions.

“We put away all the snowblowers and all the ice melt, so we had to actually transition the warehouse, move a few pallets and bring everything back out,” Durfee Hardware Vice President Ryan Durfee said.

Employees spent Monday re-winterizing the store, putting out shovels, snowblowers and ice melt needed at least one more time before the winter is over.

“With the power outages and the tree limbs down last week, we went through a significant amount of chainsaws, also a lot of flashlight’s lanterns batteries, generators,” Durfee said. “We sold through all the generators that we had in the store. They went very quickly.”

Durfee said he’s hoping this winter is winding down.

“We are really hoping this is towards the end, like everybody else in Southern New England,” Durfee said. “I think we’re ready to see some sunshine and warm weather and hear the birds chirping and get ready for spring.”

Durfee said he sold a snow blower on Monday ahead of the storm, not something they expect to happen in mid-March.