Save with a little help from your friends

I have been doing strategic shopping now for several weeks, and have saved a bunch of money. But now I have learned you can save even more with help from your friends. Let me explain.

According to couponmom, there were $318 bllion in coupons printed last year and only $3 billion were redeemed – that means $315 billion worth are thrown away, and I’ll bet many of your friends and family members are among those discarding coupons. Coupons that could be saving YOU lots of money.

Several of my co-workers know I am doing the strategic shopping thing, and I have asked them for their coupons. Now, when I come into work on Mondays I find 2-3 extra booklets of coupons.  We also have taken the coupons whenever we’re visting our family in NY. I have learned this week – having multiple coupons can multiply your savings.


In all, I bought $170.86 worth of groceries this week for $91.02 – a savings of $79.84 or about 47%. Here are some of my better deals:detergent

Arm & Hammer laundry soap was on sale this week at Shaws – buy one get one free. I bought 4 bottles. Normally selling for $6.99 a bottle, that’s a good deal in it’s own right.  But, because I got extra booklets from friends, I also had two $1 off /2 coupons – so that’s another $2 saved. I also printed two $1 off/2 coupons on – so that was another $2 off. In the end, detergent that would have cost me $27.96, ended up costing $9.98 – a savings of almost $18 or about 65%!


Yoplait yogurt – normally 75-cents a cup – was on sale 20 for $10 – so 50-cents a piece. Shaw’s had a circular coupon for $2 off with the purchase off 20. In addition, there was a newspaper coupon for a free yogurt with the purchase of 6. Since I was buying 20 anyway, and I had three of the coupons, I was able to get 3 cups of yogurt for FREE. So in the end – I got 23 yogurts. At full price, it normally would have cost me $17.25, but I paid $8 – or 35 cents a piece – a savings of $9.25 or about 55%


We have a 3-year-old and as a treat we give her ice cream on Fridays. Breyers ice cream was on sale this week, normally $5.79/container – it was on sale for $2.99. I had two coupons, one for $1 off 2 and another for 75-cents off one – which was really $1.50 off since Shaw’s doubles coupons. I bought 3 containers. What normally would have cost $17.37, ended up costing $6.47 or $2.15 a container. That’s a savings of  $10.90 or about 60%.

Remember, strategic shopping is about buying when items are at their lowest, using coupons, and buying in bulk. My earlier blog enteries talk more in depth about the premise. I welcome any questions, comments, and of course your money saving tips. If we can all learn from each other, we can all help each other save a lot of money. And, who couldn’t afford that!

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