New Blog focusing on Technology

Well, I have decided to jump into the WPRI blogosphere. I figure that since I bug enough of my fellow employees here at the station about blogging, I should really try to contribute myself.

So, here it is. Since I am the New Media Manager here, most of my focus will be on internet, emerging technology, websites, gadgets, etc. I am not really a full-fledged nerd, but I do keep up on all things Apple, cool websites, etc. I do have many other interests that may creep into my ramblings- such as sports, music, photography, gardening, travel, news…

I’d like to write a lot about our own websites here at WPRI and FoxProvidence. I would also love to get feedback on how we can make the sites better.

I will be doing a lot of stories about the iPhone and the App Store. The iPhone has become my main gadget and has nearly replaced my Mac that use at home.

I hope to update at least a few times a week :)

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