Mac vs. PC

I was having a conversation with a certain Rhode Show personality the other day. We both have something in common- the adoration for the Apple iPhone. Our common opinions end there however. Seems he “HATES MACS- HATES THEM, HATES THEM, HATES THEM!”


OK, I know…I was wondering if maybe a Mac computer did something mean to him at some point in his young life, maybe he knows Steve Jobs and they HATE each other. Maybe an ex-girlfriend worked in the Apple Store. Something. So…we had the age-old Mac vs. PC discussion.

Rhode Show Guy: “They cost way more than PC’s!”  That is so true. But a Mercedes cost a lot more than a Chrysler.

Rhode Show Guy: “MARKETSHARE!”  Yep, companies do use PC’s. If they did not then there would be SO many IT professionals out of a job, or with not much to do at work.

Rhode Show Guy: “Yea Vista was terrible, but wait till you see Windows 7!!!”  Yep, Vista was a disaster. Win 7 HAS to be better, but the fact is, Windows has been trying for 30 years to be “as good as” the Mac OS.

OK, here at work I have 2 Dell Compters and 4 monitors. One Dell is maybe a year old, the other maybe pushing 3. They are outdated. Yep, a computer that is a year or 2 old can’t keep up anymore. It’s slow, Internet Explorer crashes and freezes frequently. I have to restart a LOT, etc. Now before you say “well, you must have a bunch of crap on there slowing it up”…I am not an admin on this computer. I can’t install anything. It has the same stuff as the day they set it up for me.

OK, so that’s my work situation. At home I have Mac G4 (I meant G5) tower. This Mac is maybe 6 years old or so. It runs perfectly. I never shut it off. It never crashes. AND I have a LOT of crap on it! Yes, it did cost more than the comparable Dell (or HP, Sony etc, etc), but it is QUALITY. If you buy a good “anything”, it is an investment, and when you invest in the best you will have a product that lasts and works the way it supposed to. Period.

And of course, OS X is the bomb. Windows is also the bomb- but in a blowing up and crashing type of way. Mac OS X simply works, and flawlessly. The Mac OS is built and optimized for use on Macintosh hardware. PC vendors try for that, but they can’t do it because no matter how much they put on top of Windows to make life easier, they still have to deal with its kernel. I know “wait for Windows 7!”…

Have you ever seen the suite of programs that come with a Mac these days? Safari, Mail, Address Book and iCal, Time Machine, iChat, Boot Camp (so you can run Windows better than on my Dell if you HAVE to), iPhoto, iMovie, Garage Band, iWeb, iDVD…

Never mind the fact that these programs work flawlessly with each other so you can make movies, author DVD’s, create music, listen to and manage music, chat, organize photos, etc., etc…they all come FREE with your Mac. Kind of kills that money argument if you add up what it would take to buy comparable Windows apps that would never work as easily and transparently as the apps that come with Leopard OS.

So, in conclusion…it seems that many people who fancy themselves as “techies” HATE, HATE, HATE the Macintosh. I think these people like to tinker with computers, constantly fight with them and fix the problems that arise. They like to install anti-virus software and still get infected (so they can tinker and fix even more). They like to “know” more than the casual computer user. They enjoy going into the DOS and typing cryptic codes that nobody else knows. They love spouting memory, processor and hard drive configurations. It’s just what they DO.

They hate Macs because they just work. Almost anyone can set one up and use one. You really don’t have to “learn” codes and configurations. You take the Mac out of the box, admire how cool it looks, plug it in, and use it. No fussing with IP addresses, anti-virus software, downloading software, etc, etc. No need to be a “techie”, no need to hire a “techie”, no fun at all for a “techie”!

So, Rhode Show Guy (and others like you)…save some money on that cheap PC (Dell, Sony, HP, Compaq). Buy a bunch of software extras so you can do the basic things you need to do (don’t forget that anti-virus update!) Have fun messing with it for a couple years until it is obsolete. Then go buy another one. And another one. And another one.

In the meantime I’ll hang with my old G5, my iPhone and my iPod. They will work. I won’t have to worry. And I’ll never have to call a techie to help me out!

4 thoughts on “Mac vs. PC

  1. Yes, of course!

    Model Name: Power Mac G5
    Model Identifier: PowerMac7,2
    Processor Name: PowerPC 970 (2.2)
    Processor Speed: 1.6 GHz
    Number Of CPUs: 1
    L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB
    Memory: 768 MB
    Bus Speed: 800 MHz

  2. I was thinking of my iMac, which I gave to my son. That Mac is a G4 and is still my favorite computer. It’s the half basketball type. It’s even older than my G5. It’s up at Keene State College, and even my son can’t kill it!

  3. You go Bruce!! LOL You know I love my iMac for just those reasons. I only wish it also came with a small word processing package, but that’s it. I totally agree with you regarding the motives of PC Techies too. (Sorry Shawn)
    My first mac was an Macintosh LC (circa 1985?) I think the HD was 40 MB… LOL The Intel Core may be the same?, but it is the Operating system that makes it what it is. My best friend has the half basketball one! I currently have an iMac with a gig of memory and virtually no problems in the 3 yrs I’ve owned it.

    Thanks for sharing that amusing blog.

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