Digital photography is awesome

I have always loved photography. Years ago I had a Pentax SLR. I would shoot a roll of photos, then take the roll to a camera store and wait for the call saying my pictures were finished. Some were good, lots were OK, many were terrible. I had to pay for them even if they were out of focus and horrible.  I went through a few more portable, but traditional cameras until one day I decided to go digital.

My first digital camera was a Canon. I don’t remember the model, but it was 3.2 MP and had, I think, a 3x zoom. I paid $500 for this camera back in the day! I loved this camera, it took great pictures, and I used it for many years. The thing I love about digital photography was that you could take a BUNCH of pictures and simply throw out the ones you did not like. No more paying for crummy photos! I would load all my photos into iPhoto and print ones that I really liked.

This past Christmas my wife and son really surprised me with a brand new camera. My old Canon was getting worn out, sometimes it would not turn on correctly, etc. Not only that, but now digital cameras had better zooms, image stabilization, and higher MP numbers. All for a lot cheaper than my original $500 investment. Enter the Canon Powershot SX110IS 9MP w/ 10x Optical Zoom, and Image Stabilization!


OK, I seriously love this camera. It takes incredible pictures and is more portable and easier than the digital SLR’s. The zoom is great and the 9mp takes huge, beautiful photos. They end up being 3456 x 2592 and over 3mb on the highest quality setting.  The setting are very nice and easy to use for many different scenarios- indoors, outdoors, kids, pets, snow, beach, fireworks, portraits,aquarium, etc. These presets all work very nicely and I have not had to do many manual shots. But you can go totally manual if you want to.  I also use the macro setting for many flower shots. Below are some examples. Of course, they look MUCH better at full resolution!

*I know these do fit into the post correctly, but I did not want to make them any smaller, or the post any longer. Enjoy.

**You can see many of my photos attached to stories on These were all taken with the iPhone.

***To see more of my photos from beautiful Anna Maria Island click here.

My Dogs, The Bay, Shels
My Dogs, The Bay, Shells
Anna Maria Island, Florida
Anna Maria Island, Florida
Flowers in my greenhouse and yard
Flowers in my greenhouse and yard

6 thoughts on “Digital photography is awesome

  1. As far as I’m concerned he is a professional photographer! Those dogs are so sweet. And the bay shot feels like home. So you would recommend this Cannon camera? How is it on batteries?

    Best to you Bruce. 1Artist

  2. Your shots are amazing! The color is very impressive. Are you a fan of Canon cameras? How do you feel about other brands?

  3. Thanks! I really do love Canon- I think they have the best optics. I also think Nikon is probably pretty close in quality. I would never buy Sony or Kodak- but that’s just me.

  4. Regarding AA batteries – get yourself some rechargeable ones and a charger. Well worth it and less of a hassle. All digital cameras suck the power out of non rechargeable batteries in no time.

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