Competition is Good

A new thing I have discovered – competition is good when it comes to grocery shopping.

The last two weeks I was able to save several dollars more off my food bill because I learned that Shaw’s accepts competitors coupons. What a wonderful discovery. (I will call and find out if Stop and Shop does as well)

For instance – Stop and Shop sends out coupons all the time in the mail. Recently I received a mailing that had four $8 off coupons – one for each week in June. Each week also had a coupon for different free item.

However, I still like to stop at Shaw’s (since they double coupons) and I also had a $5 off coupon from Shaw’s that I wanted to use.

So this week, not only did I get $8 off my grocery bill at Shaw’s using the Stop and Shop coupon – I also got a FREE 32 oz bottle of Gatorade. (Actually – I got three FREE bottles – because I got two more Stop and Shop Gatorade coupons at the Chowder Cookoff in Newport this weekend).

I will write more about this week’s grocery store adventure soon – but know – I spent $46 and saved $81!!!

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