Mobile and iPhone Numbers!

It wasn’t too long ago that our mobile web numbers meant nothing. The users numbered in the dozens and did not impact ournumbers for web visits or ad impressions at all. I am all about our numbers here at!

Things are different today!

Thousands of people have downloaded our new iPhone app. WE have 3 1/2 stars and some glowing reviews in the app store. (***If you download our app, PLEASE write up a quick review and rate the app!)

So, along with the incredible number of downloads for the iPhone app, our mobile site is doing even better! Our mobile number is now a quarter of the audience that the web number is. That is huge!!

I read the other day that there are 300 million people in the U.S. and 260 million people now have cell phones.

Things are certainly changing in the world of cellphones, smartphones, and on the internet when it comes to news. TV is not going away, but isn’t great that you can get our forecast and radar when you are out on the golf course. Or read top news stories while waiting in at the bank?

Of course it is!

1 thought on “Mobile and iPhone Numbers!

  1. This is the first time my wife and I found out that you had a BABY BOY! We are great fans of you and I swore that when you were carrying that you looked like you were carrying a beautiful boy. And I was right! Congratulations and keep up the good work on TV weather. We loved it when you said a few weeks ago the a thunderstorm line had just ‘Popped up’ and so we refer to you as ‘Pop-up Michelle’. Children are the bafflement of a new parent and you will not believe the challenges that they will bring into your life. Your rational of the bath tub experience is well thought out and your handling of it is an excellent solution. Also, watch out for water in the ears, that ofter drives baby crazy. Thanks for your blog/comment and hope to keep appraised of Charlie’s development. So long.

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