A Keurig for free & Wii for just pennies

We….well my husband really..just figured out a few cool things that allowed us to get a new Keurig coffee machine for free and a Wii with spare change.

Keurig for Free

Let’s start with the Keurig machine. I have wanted one for years and my husband just surprised me with one for our anniversary. To make the surprise sweeter, he told me he basically paid nothing for it.

He used the cash back bonus credits from our Discover card, which we have been racking up for years. To make the money go farther, instead of taking the cash outright, he bought $25 gift cards at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for $20 bucks each. Combine that with a 20 percent off coupon from the store – he paid nothing out of pocket for the machine.

BTW – We now only use the Discover card to buy gas and groceries (since you get more cash-back bonus credits for those purchases) and pay it off at the end of the month. After all, the cash back bonus really is no bonus if you are paying interest rates on a balance.

(A side note: If you buy a Keurig – be sure to read the manual. They have a deal – buy two large boxes and get two for free. Plus you get 10% off each order and free shipping if you register online.)

Wii with Spare Change

Now to the Wii. We have wanted to get one for a while, figuring it would be a great video game console the whole family could play together. Then one day I came home from work, and my husband was setting one up.

He told me he paid for it with the spare change he’s been saving up for years. Every time he comes home he throws his spare change into a big jug. We’ve been meaning to roll it up for a while now – but it’s such a pain, we always put it off.

We always knew Coin Star was convenient – but we were reluctant to use it because of the fees – UNTIL my husband realized there were no counting fees if you choose to take your money in gift card form as opposed to cash. There are several gift card options. He chose to take an Amazon gift card.  We had enough change to buy the Wii and still had some money left over on the card.

Not bad for life’s little luxuries!

1 thought on “A Keurig for free & Wii for just pennies

  1. Discover: not sure about your account, but my account has a different 5% extra bonus every three months. The Gas discount is over. For the last quarter of the year, it’s groceries, restaurants, and movies.

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