Overacheiver James Franco to attend RISD

James Franco (via Wikipedia)

The actor James Franco – the bad guy in the “Spider-Man” movies – is headed to the Rhode Island School of Design this fall to study art. That is, when he’s not two hours away working on his Ph.D. at Yale, The New York Times reports:

James Franco … is at 32 a famous actor and celebrity movie star of considerable self-made means. But he also has an interest in art dating back to childhood. He studied painting in high school and has apparently at times considered being an artist.

These ambitions have perhaps been diminished by Mr. Franco’s determined multitasking, which has received quite a bit of attention in the press.

He has combined a movie career with activities as a screenwriter, director and producer, simultaneously attending graduate school in writing, filmmaking and poetry at four separate schools. A book of his short stories is due out this fall, at which point he will begin work on a doctorate in literature at Yale and also study at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Between him and Emma Watson, College Hill is going to be a hot spot for celebrity sightings.

(hat tip to the AP’s Michelle Smith)

  • http://www.anderbo.com Rick Rofihe

    Not only is James Franco studying (among other things) fiction-writing, there’s a very good new short story called “How James Franco Became My Boyfriend” by Carolyn Silveira at http://www.anderbo.com/anderbo1/afiction-050.html

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    […] Just a FYI, James Franco is or will be attending RISD (near Brown campus.) Let the rumors begin. He must just wanna be another random guy on Brown campus Overacheiver James Franco to attend RISD | WPRI.com Blogs […]

  • Gabby

    Hmm…Emma Watson and James Franco? I like that pairing. They should totally date even though he’s about 12 years older than her.

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