Chris Young’s surprise marriage proposal

Chris Young, Rhode Island’s perennial gadfly candidate, was relatively well-behaved in tonight’s mayoral debate. (And as Dan McGowan points out, sometimes he makes good points.) But he managed to steal the show toward the end when he used his closing statement to propose marriage to Kara Russo, his campaign manager and longtime companion.

Here are the closing statements – Young starts at 2:26:

Back here in the newsroom, we thought for a minute he was proposing to Karen – Karen Adams, that is, our beloved and soon-to-retire anchorwoman, who was hosting the debate while Tim White moderated. But no, it was Kara, and she said yes, as Karen pointed out.

That proposal may have been a stunt, though. The Projo has been describing Russo as Young’s fiancée for more than a month.

Not only that, but Young was using the conditional-wedding gag as far back as last February, as shown in this interview with The Brown Daily Herald:

Young introduced Kara Russo first as his campaign manager, then added that she was his girlfriend as well.

They have been together ever since they met 18 years ago in Boston’s subway, he said, leaning over the food court table with a nostalgic smile. Russo shares many of Young’s views, especially his conservative Catholic stance on abortion.

“Kara and I have made it public that we don’t live in sin, that we don’t have sexual relationships,” Young said. “Also, we’re going to get married when I become mayor of Providence. There’ll be a ceremony in Providence — a nice wedding in downtown Providence — when we get elected. We’ve made that very public.”

And in case you didn’t see it, don’t miss Young’s appearance on The Rhode Show earlier this week, which is already a classic:

Update: Since the original proposal, Young has also brought his unique style to MSNBC.

Update #2: And now a Chris Young Cover Band has sprung up.

15 thoughts on “Chris Young’s surprise marriage proposal


  2. This was so romantic, Chris Young for Mayor of Providence and Kara Russo for Lt. Governor and Congress! They have my vote! 🙂 They stand for family and we need that in this dark sad world! God Bless you both!

  3. Chris Young is a hero! Best candidate in the debate, he went after every other candidate! I just gave his fiancee a campaign contribution her website is

    This has become a national story, just saw it on MSNBC. He’s smart, he has gotten national publicity and he does not take a penny in campaign contributions. Honest guy! This guy knows how to get his message out, his website has information now the whole country will see on the banks bribing members of congress to deregulate them. We need more people like YOUNG!

  4. CHRIS – YOU ARE A JOKE AND AN EMBARRASMENT! As a previous writer stated, how the hell did that poor anchorwoman keep a straight face!! She must have busted a gut during the commercial! Kudo’s to you anchorwoman! I bet the station did not expect this – as all other stations that have had this nut job on their air space!

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