Spend your Saturday night with the CD2 candidates

They say Saturday night is the loneliest night of the week, but it won’t be if you spend it watching my comrade Tim White moderate a debate between the candidates for Rhode Island’s 2nd Congressional District: incumbent U.S. Rep. Jim Langevin, the Democrat, and Republican challenger Mark Zaccaria.

“Langevin and Zaccaria debate issues ranging from job growth, to the country’s future in Afghanistan, as well as immigration and taxes,” Tim reports. “The hour-long, commercial-free exchange also dives into legislation Congress could be voting on in a post-November lame duck session.”

You can watch the whole debate on television Saturday night at 8 p.m. on WPRI 12. An abridged version will also air on Sunday at 5:30 a.m. on both WPRI 12 and Fox Providence, and again on Sunday at 2 p.m. on Fox. Or you can watch the whole thing online right here at WPRI.com.

2 thoughts on “Spend your Saturday night with the CD2 candidates

  1. It’s time for change, We are not getting any better with the same people in office, they have been there too long and doing nothing but go with the flow, Government shouldn’t be raising taxes and turning off street lights we should be getting rid of a lot more government jobs , Question are we a government state or just run by cities? because I think we can save a lot of money by not having all these district reps. and school reps for every city, they are paid a lot to attend a monthly meeting,when or who in our government will start to run us like a state? we would save so much. Don’t we have enough people running ? too much… one more question , Where did all this money go from the raise in our property taxes , vehicles,and lottery ? can anyone tell me? All this money to run for office, donate it to help us and have live debates,go door to door, what are we paying for is more Government. Vote for real people who have business’s instead of these career politicians , Vote for someone to get rid of government jobs and look at each city not individually and run us like a state.

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