Taveras taps Classical classmate D’Amico for key post

Providence Mayor-elect Angel Taveras has tapped Michael D’Amico, a Providence native who has spent nearly a decade 18 years in the private sector, to be his director of administration. Taveras said he has decided to combine the city’s administration and operations executive jobs into one role, and D’Amico got the nod.

D’Amico grew up in Providence and went to school with Taveras – the pair graduated from Classical High School together in 1988. He went on to attend the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, a top business school, and later got his MBA in finance from Villanova. That number-crunching expertise will come in handy as he works with Taveras in fixing the city’s finances.

D’Amico said in a statement he was “thrilled to becoming home.” He has spent the past eight 14 years working in Pennsylvania for Johnson Matthey, the big British chemicals conglomerate, and is currently in charge of its emission-control technology group’s U.S. division. He is planning to move back here soon with his wife, Wendy, and their daughter Angela.

D’Amico will succeed Rich Kerbel, who has been one of outgoing Mayor David Cicilline’s key aides in that role since January 2008. D’Amico will take over once Taveras takes office on Jan. 3.

Correction: D’Amico wrote in to say he has spent 18 years in the private sector, 14 of them at Johnson Matthey, hence the corrections above.

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