Big Politico piece previews Cianci memoir

Politico is out with a big story this morning previewing “Politics and Pasta,” Buddy Cianci’s memoir, which is due out March 15. Here’s an excerpt:

“I’m no angel,” Vincent “Buddy” Cianci Jr. — the former five-and-a-half-term mayor of Providence, R.I., twice evicted from office by felony convictions — writes in his new memoir.

“I’ve stretched some boundaries and in the end I served four and a half years in a federal prison with a prison mate who, it was later revealed, disposed of the bodies of people killed by organized crime by dropping them into barrels of acid,” Cianci continues. “Well, compared to him, I guess I was an angel.”

It’s pure Buddy. Beguiling, hilarious, with an excuse — and a joke — for everything, Cianci shows why he’s one of the most storied figures in modern urban politics. …

Between accounts of election campaigns and personality clashes, Cianci goes into detail about such municipal necessities as snow removal, sewage treatment, development deals and historical preservation. He details standoffs with unions, City Council maneuvering and fights over budgets. As Cianci himself notes, if his eventual corruption indictment rested on the belief that he had a hand in everything that happened in city government, no one did more to promote that impression than Cianci.

The rest is here. Cianci’s co-author, David Fisher, also served as the ghostwriter for William Shatner, Ed McMahon and Terry Bradshaw, among others.

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