Costantino still out $381,000 from failed mayoral bid

Months after his run for Mayor of Providence ended in a Democratic primary defeat, Steve Costantino’s bank account is still considerably lighter than it was before the campaign.

As of Dec. 31, Costantino still hadn’t paid himself back for $381,000 worth of personal loans he made to his campaign late last summer. His political war chest had a meager $2,179 in cash at the close of last year.

The former House Finance chairman wasn’t alone in dipping into his personal funds during the mayoral race.

As of Dec. 31, Angel Taveras has only gotten back $20,000 of the $70,000 he loaned to his campaign. John Lombardi loaned his campaign even more – $100,000 – but hasn’t filed his Dec. 31 finance report yet.

Costantino, who’s now running the Office of Health and Human Services for Governor Chafee, at least can commiserate about the situation with his new boss. As of Dec. 31, Chafee hadn’t gotten back a dime of the $1.61 million in loans he made to his campaign between April 2009 and last October.

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