Feds: ‘Shacks’ kept mob ties, co-owns Atwells eatery

That and much more was revealed in an explosive court filing prosecutors made ahead of this afternoon’s arraignment in Providence of reputed former Mafia boss Luigi “Baby Shacks” Manocchio, Tim White reports on WPRI.com:

It states Manocchio stepped down as boss when he learned the FBI was hot on his heels as part of an investigation that included a 2008 search warrant “resulting in the seizure of $2,900 in ‘protection’ money extorted from the Cadillac Lounge and delivered to Manocchio by co-defendant [Thomas] Iafrate,” the document states. …

The document also reveals investigators wired the Cadillac Lounge strip club with hidden microphones. One conversation prosecutors say they picked up allegedly reveals Manocchio was collecting thousands of dollars a month from the business. …

Prosecutors also reveal for the first time that Manocchio is a shadow partner in the Federal Hill restaurant Euro Bistro, which is located at the far end of Atwells Ave., where Manocchio is often spotted by investigators.

Despite allegations that Manocchio stepped down as boss in 2009 – which were first reported by Target 12 – prosecutors allege he still has an active role in New England’s criminal enterprise.

Read the rest here.

Update: Manocchio pleaded not guilty this afternoon but was denied bail for now. He’s due back in court on Tuesday.

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