Projo closes comments on controversial Kerr column

Now here’s something you don’t see every day on

Editor’s note: Comments have been closed on this story because an overwhelming number of readers were making inappropriate statements that violate our comments policy.

Yikes. Who could write something that elicits such a heated response?

None other than Bob Kerr, a Projo scribe for 40 years and a columnist for the last 17 of them. His piece today, “A tragedy gets badly used on the radio,” accused John DePetro and WPRO of sensationalizing the Woodmansee story:

If there is a way to make a sad, sick situation sadder and sicker, John DePetro is the guy to do it.

DePetro’s exploitation of John Foreman in the emotionally charged hours after Foreman learned of the early release from prison of his son’s murderer is despicable.

Foreman’s vow that he would kill Michael Woodmansee if given the opportunity was certainly understandable, even forgivable, considering that Woodmansee, who confessed to the gruesome murder of Jason Foreman, might be released this summer — 12 years early due to good behavior. That the angry, anguished words were put on the air, on WPRO, then run again as promotional fodder, is disgusting. Ratings can’t be that important.

Looks like you can’t hold those commenters back, though – they’ll just leave their thoughts at the bottom of other articles.

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