Borders won’t close store at Cranston’s Garden City

Update: Borders in Cranston has won a reprieve. The company took the Garden City store off its list of locations to be closed Friday morning, less than 24 hours after it was put on the chopping block. (That list was removed from Borders’ website today.) The original post is below.

Update #2: A Borders spokeswoman tells me Garden City agreed to a new lease that will allow the company to stay put.

Borders will close its store at Cranston’s Garden City Center in May, has confirmed.

The bankrupt bookseller added 28 more locations this evening to the list of stores it plans to close, and Cranston was on the expanded list. The company said the Garden City store will close by late May.

“We reached the determination about these stores after a further review of their ongoing economic viability,” Borders spokeswoman Mary Davis said in a statement quoted by Reuters.

The Cranston store had 30 employees as of 2009, according to R.I. Economic Development Corporation records. Borders had another 45 employees at Providence Place mall and 30 at Warwick’s T.F. Green Airport, according to the EDC.

Borders initially announced Feb. 16 that it would liquidate about 200 locations. At that point, no local stores were slated to be shuttered.

Borders filed for bankruptcy in February following years of sliding sales and a failure to capitalize on the rise of e-bookselling.

The company’s other local stores – at Providence Place and T.F. Green, and in North Attleboro, Mansfield, Taunton and Swansea – are still scheduled to remain open under the company’s current plans.

Garden City Center, which opened in 1948, has lost two other major anchor stores since the recession began in 2007: retailers Circuit City and Linens n’ Things also closed there after their own bankruptcy filings. Garden City is managed by The Wilder Companies of Boston.

(photo: Borders)

8 thoughts on “Borders won’t close store at Cranston’s Garden City

    • Steven, if I recall Borders said they were examining how much the stores were making in addition to how much they cost to run in figuring out which ones to close. So while the Providence Place Borders almost certainly has high overhead, it also probably has pretty decent sales considering the amount of foot traffic it gets in that location. I’d assume that was part of the equation. Then again, as Borders continues to make its way through bankruptcy, all these calculations could change.

      (Full disclosure: I was a part-timer there a few years back – though as a cashier I wasn’t privy to any important management discussions!)

  1. It’s really a shame that these giant corporations lack the creativity and organizational agility to retool as the market / tech / other biz factors change. Ditto fed/state/local gov’t – everyone’s standing around waiting for ideas & jobs to drop from the heavens, and meanwhile, homes are being foreclosed, jobs are being sent overseas, businesses (and not cities!) are going bankrupt… where did all the smart people go???

  2. On behalf of Garden City Center, we’re glad we could work it out with Borders. We think they add a lot to the center and are a terrific asset to the Cranston community. And keep a watchful eye, we look forward to new retailer announcements this spring.”

  3. Will the other stores say we will also leave if our rent is not lowered, too? I wonder? I was once going to hope Ultimate Electronics replace CC, but they went under before I could have suggested it. What is thew new retailer coming?

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