Deborah Tomilson, the Projo’s paywall czar?

Sunday’s Providence Journal included the announcement that the paper has appointed Deborah Tomilson as its “divisional vice president of audience, business development and digital.”

(In classic corporatese, the next sentence said Tomilson’s job will involve “an emphasis on audience and business development” – a bit redundant considering those two nouns are in her title, no?)

It sounds like Tomilson, who comes from the advertising side of the paper, should be playing a key role in crafting the new and its paywall, which are supposed to debut later this year. The announcement said Tomilson “will manage the strategy, development and operations of the website as well as the newspaper’s presence on emerging digital platforms and devices.”

This may be more of a change in title than responsibility, though; the last time Tomilson was promoted, in 2009, she was dubbed “vice president of business and interactive development,” which doesn’t sound too different from “vice president of audience, business development and digital.”

Speaking of newspaper paywalls, New York Times media reporter David Carr offered a personal defense of his employer’s new plan over the weekend that’s worth a read.

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