Nesi’s Nightcap for Tuesday, May 10

Next year’s 1st Congressional District race here in Rhode Island is starting to look pretty crowded.

Barring something dramatic, incumbent Democrat David Cicilline will be running for re-election. But as Cook Political Report’s Jennifer Duffy told me earlier today, the only way Cicilline could be more vulnerable at this point would be if he got indicted.

If Cicilline’s standing doesn’t improve, he will make a juicy target for ambitious Democrats – including Anthony Gemma, who mounted a surprisingly strong primary challenge to Cicilline last fall. And if Cicilline looks likely to lose, D.C. Democrats may want to dump the freshman for a more viable candidate as they try to take back the House of Representatives.

On the Republican side, we’ve now learned newly retired State Police Col. Brendan Doherty plans to jump into the 1st District race – but John Loughlin, the GOP candidate Cicilline defeated last year, says he will challenge Doherty in the party primary for the right to take on Cicilline in November.

Will new GOP Chairman Ken McKay try to push Loughlin out of the race to clear the way for Doherty – to make sure attention stays focused on beating Cicilline? Or could the Republicans wind up fighting their own internecine battle first – potentially damaging the winner? Those are just a few of the questions we’ll all be asking in the months to come.

Today on Nesi’s Notes:

> Col. Doherty set to jump into 1st District race against Rep. Cicilline

> But the Republican will have to get through John Loughlin first

> New RI jobs forecast good news for Chafee’s re-election campaign

et cetera:

~ I’d always wondered about this – how Groupon’s economics work (Felix Salmon)

~ Republicans don’t sound so interested in campaign finance disclosure now (TNR)

~ How “60 Minutes” host Steve Kroft approached his Obama interview (Poynter)

(photo: Wikipedia/Dennis Mojado)

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