All four Dems could run again as Segal mulls US House bid

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Former state Rep. David Segal, who came in third in last year’s four-way Democratic primary to succeed Patrick Kennedy representing Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District, told on Thursday he’s “weighing the possibility” of challenging Congressman David Cicilline in next year’s primary.

Segal’s comments came the same week former Democratic Party chairman Bill Lynch, who placed fourth in last year’s primary, told he too is considering another bid for the U.S. House seat next year.

With second-place finisher Anthony Gemma also making clear he’s likely to run – and Cicilline obviously planning to run for re-election – it’s now possible the entire four-man field of Democrats who ran in 2010 could be reassembled in 2012.

Like Lynch, Segal said right now he is focused on his current work – in his case, Demand Progress, a new federal political action committee and 527 group he founded last year that advocates on issues like civil liberties and net neutrality.

“I’m trying to figure out how to be most effective,” Segal said in an e-mail.

Cicilline would start the race with a big financial edge on top of the advantage of incumbency. He had $77,931 in his campaign war chest as of March 31, while Segal had $53 and Gemma had nothing. Lynch had $2,023 as of his last filing on Dec. 31, according to Federal Election Commission records.

(photo: Steven Senne/AP)

6 thoughts on “All four Dems could run again as Segal mulls US House bid

  1. After the car crash that killed two URI students a few years back, I asked David Segal, who was then a city councillor, why not just boost the age to 21 for entry into providence clubs? He said “Providence club owners would never go for that.” This said to me that Mr. Segal is all about the buck. Cowtow to a small group instead of the majority. Revenue derived from underage partiers is more important than the lives of children? The recent club closures alone show the disregard for legal age drinking. A seventeen year old was among those arrested. Perhaps when Mr. Segal has kids, he’ll let them go to Providence clubs that are 18 and over. His “personal responsibility” stance might then change to that of a parent, not a partier.

  2. Segal: no charisma, no chance, the man can’t even shake a hand properly. Seriously, it feels like a dead fish. If you can’t even shake a hand properly, you’ve failed at the first hurdle. No chance he has what it takes to win in a general election.

    Cicilline: the man is a liar. He lied his way into Congress. He represents this state well, in the sense that he accurately represents the political irresponsibility and stupidity of Rhode Island voters.

    Gemma: Wow, this man is so desperate. Look at his twitter feed: “I’m at the supermarket”, “I’m at the pool”, “Please retweet my pathetic attempt at an inspirational message”. Desperation.

    Lynch: Another idiot from another idiotic Rhode Island political dynasty. I think Lynch is lying, he’s saying he’ll enter to scare others away. He ran in the primary last time to help siphon votes from Cicilline’s competitors.

    These candidates are pathetic.

  3. David Cicilline is praying to whatever dark gods he worships that this scenario comes to pass.

    With each passing day it becomes more clear that in 2010 Bill Lynch was Cicilline’s witting stalking horse. We can only guess at the deal that likely was cut.

    But if Bill Lynch or his brother Patrick get into the RI 1st Democratic Primary, then guesswork won’t be necessary to reach the conclusion that the Lynch family is a wholly owned subsidiary of David Cicilline, Inc.

    In a four-way Primary, David Cicilline once again could “win” the Democratic nomination.

    This in turn would insure a Republican victory in November.

    In point of fact, the ONLY way a Republican wins in November is if he or she is running against David Cicilline. The GOP victory would be a mortal lock.

    So attention Democrats: Memorize what I’m about to write and act accordingly if you wish to preserve the RI 1st and keep it out of the hands of the party of Bush and Cheney and Palin and Bachmann and Gingrich:

    A dollar donated to David Cicilline is a dollar donated to the Republicans.

    A Primary vote cast for David Cicilline is a vote cast for the Republicans.

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