Hockey fans richer, smarter than MLB, NBA and NFL fans

It’s not looking great for the Bruins as they get set for Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals in Boston tonight, but we’re keeping the faith here at Nesi’s Notes. The Globe’s Kevin Paul Dupont caught my eye with these chart-ready stats about the NHL in his column on Sunday:

According to league data, the average household income (HHI) for NHL fans is $104,000, highest of the four major sports with Major League Baseball ($96,200), the NBA ($96,000), and the NFL ($94,500). Sixty-eight percent of NHL fans have attended college, more than the other three sports (ranging 60.4 percent to 63.6 percent). And 64 percent of NHL fans hold full-time jobs, also more than the others (57-58.1 percent).

All in all, hockey fans are a well-educated, well-heeled, Internet-savvy bunch, no matter what the perception. Not surprisingly, they also like their beer. According to Latimer, Bruins fans buy upward of 30 percent more brew at the Garden than Celtics fans.

I find that interesting and, as Dupont notes, somewhat counterintuitive. What do you think explains it?

4 thoughts on “Hockey fans richer, smarter than MLB, NBA and NFL fans

  1. Two thoughts:

    1) We often think of athletics as a sphere of American society where socioeconomic status doesn’t matter. You don’t need a lot of money to be either a good player or a good fan. It’s interesting that the average household income of sports fans is much higher than the average American’s household income.

    2)It’s hard to ignore how the racial demographics of these sports’ players and fan bases might effect these numbers.

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