One year at Brown costs the same as almost 6 years at RIC

If you want a good deal on a college education in Rhode Island, go to RIC.

U.S. News & World Report is out with a new look at the cost of a bachelor’s degree at the nation’s institutions of higher education, and it offers more evidence of the jaw-dropping sticker price for tuition and fees these days.

Whether you’re an in-state or out-of-state student, Rhode Island College offers the cheapest route to a BA around here. In fact, an in-state student could spend nearly six years studying at RIC for the same amount of money it would cost for one year at Brown University.

The figures also show one way the University of Rhode Island is dealing with deep cuts in taxpayer support – hiking the price of admission for students from outside the state. It’s more expensive for a non-Rhode Islander to attend URI than the private Johnson & Wales, according to U.S. News.

Here’s how much tuition and fees will set you back this academic year at Rhode Island’s nine four-year schools:

  • Brown: $40,820
  • RISD: $38,295
  • PC: $34,435
  • Bryant: $33,357
  • Salve: $31,450
  • RWU: $29,718
  • URI (out): $27,182
  • JWU: $24,141
  • RIC (out): $16,878
  • URI (in): $10,476
  • RIC (in): $6,986

Of course, none of that says anything about the actual value of a college degree. News stories “always focus on an over-educated bartender, and they are always wrong,” Education Sector’s Kevin Carey argues in The New Republic.

(photo: Rhode Island College)

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