Yes, that was an earthquake you just felt in Rhode Island

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake just struck 87 miles southwest of Washington, D.C., and shook buildings all over Providence, according to the U.S. Geological Survey and eyewitness reports on Twitter.

More to come.

Update: Judging from social media, a lot of people felt the earthquake in downtown Providence. “The Statehouse shook like mad,” Dan Meuse, an aide to Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Roberts, wrote on Twitter. Others reported feeling it at One Union Station and Brown University.

My friend Elliott notes there was also a 5.3 earthquake in Colorado today: “Ominous signs my friend.” No joke.

Update #2: WPRI 12 will be on air shortly with a special report about the earthquake that just shook Rhode Island and much of the East Coast.

Update #3: Did you take a picture or video of the earthquake? Send it to us at

Update #4: U.S. Geological Survey now says it was 5.9 magnitude earthquake.

Update #5: The Washington Post’s Dylan Matthews collects the top 17 earthquake tweets. My favorite is actually his: “In retrospect, I resorted to cannibalism rather fast after the earthquake.”

Update #6: U.S. Geological Survey back to calling it a 5.8 magnitude. It struck 3.7 miles underground. WPRI 12 will have coverage of the quake starting at 5 p.m.

Update #7: Meanwhile, FEMA is warning that Hurricane Irene could seriously impact the entire U.S. East Coast. As always, the track of the storm is still highly uncertain, but right now forecasters are saying it could potentially impact us late Saturday into Sunday.

Update #8: No Nightcap tonight.

4 thoughts on “Yes, that was an earthquake you just felt in Rhode Island

  1. I reside in Providence…didn’t feel a thing. Although, I thought it odd, a neighbors parked vehicle alarm sounded for no visible reason. I only found out about the earthquake after calling a relatives home…they said, “what about the earthquake”? I said, “what earthquake, and where”?? I was waiting to hear what country…lol.

  2. I felt the earthquake while sitting in my office at Quidnessett Memorial Cemetery in North Kingstown and felt dizzy afterward.

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