PolitiFact Rhode Island haunts Rick Perry’s ‘Ponzi’ statement

Don’t underestimate the influence of the Projo’s PolitiFact Rhode Island operation.

When its sister PolitiFact in Texas needed to fact check Gov. Rick Perry’s 2010 statement on Fox News that “Social Security is indeed a Ponzi scheme” – apparently the newly minted presidential candidate has been using the line for a while – it cited Cynthia Needham’s Rhode Island version to help explain its conclusion:

PolitiFact Rhode Island later rated False Republican U.S. House candidate John Loughlin’s statement that “Social Security is a Ponzi scheme.” Their analysis zeroed in on the lack of an element of deceit to how the 75-year-old Social Security program takes in money and pays it out. We’d add that Social Security is accountable to Congress and the American people while a Ponzi scheme is a crime.

We rate Perry’s statement False.

This week, national PolitiFact revisited the Texas/Rhode Island rulings on “Ponzi scheme” and stuck with False – giving the Projo a cameo role in the heated back-and-forth of the GOP presidential race.

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